I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 - issue, etc.

I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3, Panther issue.

4 Panther with I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 on the 13.1.44.
6 Panther with I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 on the 3.3.44.
5 Panther with I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 on the 8.6.44, also 2 Bergepanther arrive.
On the 30.4.44, 5 Panther handed over to I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 1, by order of Gen.Insp.d.Pz.Tr.
8 Panther sent 11.7.44, 2 Panther sent 17.7.44, no personnel.
2 Panther sent 12.7.44, 1 Panther sent 14.7.44. All 3 Panther handed over from I./Pz.Rgt. 27.
59 Panther issued as follows.
8 Panther sent 11.7.44
8 Panther sent 14.7.44
8 Panther sent 14.7.44
8 Panther sent 15.7.44
8 Panther sent 16.7.44
8 Panther sent 14.7.44
5 Panther sent 17.7.44, exchanged for 5 other Panther ( Pz.Bef.Wg. )
1 Panther sent 21.7.44

1 Panther sent 21.7.44
4 Panthersent 25.7.44, handed over from I/Pz.Rgt 27. (Transported from GRAFENWOEHR on the 26.7.44, place of arrival Bf LOCHOW on the 31.7.44)
1 Panther collected from the VIENNA Arsenal on the 8.4.45.

2 BPz V sent 30.4.44, arrive 8.6.44.
2 BPz V sent 4.10.44, arrive 13.10.44
2 BPz V sent 15.11.44, arrive 24.11.44

5 MSPW sent 21.7.44.

I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 leaves Grafenwohr by rail on the 22.7.44 with 78 Panther, GFM Model is informed.


K.St.N. for I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 Panther.

Stab. 1107
Stabs.Kp 1150a
1-4 Pz.Kpn 1177
Wkst.Zug 1185a

Stab. 1107
Stabs.Kp 1150a
1-4 Kpn 1177
Wkst.Zug 1185a

Stab 1107
Stabs.Kp 1150a
1-4 Kpn 1177
Wkst.Zug 1185a

1.7.44 (fG)
Stab. 1107a (fG)
Stabs.Kp 1150(fG)
1-4 Kpn 1177 (fg)
Vers.Kp 1151a (fG)
Wkst.Zug 1185a (fG)

(fG) Freie Gliederung, as per FHA. Amt II.ORG.Abt Ia/II Tgb Nr 1526/44g Kdos 5.6.44.


The tanks

I/SS.Pz.Rgt 3 had the Deathshead painted in white on the front left and right rear of their tanks. The numbering system seems to be the standard numbering, ie 122, 1Kp, 2 Zug, 2 Panzer. The 1 Kompanie numbers were painted in red with a white out line. 2 and 3 Kompanie had solid white painted numbers, 4 Kompanie had solid white numbers with a black out line. The Stabs.Kp. had a white out lined number painted on the turret sides. Now, the symbols painted on the turret rear escape hatch, personally I think these ID which tank came from which Kompanie, I know Panther 111 had a huge Deathshead painted in white on the escape hatch. Meierdress Panther, had a black square, with a white out line and in the centre, a white painted Deathshead. The Regimental Bef.Wg, from one photo I've seen had a white painted R followed by the standard 01, etc. As for camouflage patterns, the tanks seemed to be coated in green/brown over coat on top of the factory yellow. All Panthers had the Zimmert coating as well.

The Abteilungs Kompanien are placed in various locations, 1 Kp is near Suchozerby.

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