I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 - 1944 - 1





13.1.44 The first 4 Panther arrive. The Abteilung in terms of manpower is at full strength. Through out February 1944, the Abteilung has difficulties with the supply of new Panther. Also during January, SS-Ustuf. Kaden is appointed commander of the Versorg.Komp.


6 Panther arrive, each Kompanie has 2 Panther for training purposes. On the 25.3.44 it’s reported that the Abteilung is still missing it’s allocation of 89 trucks, the Gen.Ins.d.Pz.Tr. expects these trucks to be provided via an exchange with another SS-Division.


The Abteilung is still situated in GRAFENWOEHR under the command of SS-Sturmbannführer E. Meierdress. With immediate effect I./SS.Pz.Rgt. 3 is ordered by SS-FHA to be transferred to ARCIS-SU-AUBE and report to to the staff of Panzerbrigade 10 (REIMS) for further unit training. During March 1944, the Abteilung is again having trouble with the supply of new tanks.

1.4.44 I/SS.Pz.Rgt 3 entrained in GRAFENWOEHR for rail transport to France.
10.4.44 I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 reports to the staff of Panzer Brigade 10 at MAILLY-LE-CAMP. Various training detachments are sent to the Panther Lehrgang in ERLANGEN for training courses, transport is via SEDAN. At the end of April 1944, by order of Gen.Ins.d.Pz.Tr., I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 is ordered to hand over 5 Panther to SS-Pz.Rgt. 1.


Status  Report. 1.5.44, I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3

Under the command of Pz.Brig. 10


Officers. Authorised 33, shortfall 3

NCO’s. 364/ 15

OR’s. 679/ 31

Total. 1076/ 49

Replacements. Off 2, NCO and OR 2

Casualties, from 1.4.44 to 30.4.44. 1 dead, 1 in Hospital.



Panther. Authorised 76/ Operational 4/ In repair 1

SPW. 5/-/-.


Ketten. 6/-/-.

B.Wg. 1/1/1.

Solo. 28/13/1

Field Cars.

Off Road. 54/3/1

On Road. -/2/-


Maultiere. 7/5/1.

Off Road. 95/3/-

On Road. 15/29/3.

Prime Movers.

1-5t. 9/-/-.

8-18t. 14/-/-

RSO. -/-/-


Rifles. 510/510

Pistols. 476/476

Sub.Mg. 114/110

MG 34. 169/34

2cm Flak. 3/-

7.5cm Kwk. 76/5

Commanders Comments.

Status of Training.

With the return of those elements that attended the Demostration Team at Erlangen, on the 30.4.44, the greater part of the training of the Abteilung has been completed.

On the 6.5.44, within the Abteilung, the one on one training for the Panther should be completed, the following week, Platoon training should commence and will be finished by the end of May.

Status of Equipment.

By order of the Gen.Insp.d.Pz.Tr., the Abteilung with 10 Pz V on hand, has had to hand over 5 Pz V to 1 SS.Pz.Div, L.A.H. Just as the Abteilung was to begin Platoon training, the inventory of 5 Pz V is not sufficient nor satisfactory for future training at the Platoon level.

A new delivery of wheeled vehicles has not yet arrived. The vehicles brought back with the Abteilung have been ready since November 1943 after a complete overhaul in various maintenance depots and need transportation.

With repairs, there is a protracted shortage of spare parts and specialised vehicles. With the current training and organisation, a scarce shortage of workshop vehicles is particularly noticeable. The moral and health of the troops is good.

Signed. Meierdress.

Pz.Bde 10 Commander´s Comments.

In agreement with the valued judgement of the Abt.Kdr.

The tank one on one training for the combat crews and combat sections is primarily completed. Presently the crew training is at the Platoon level and the performance so far is satisfactory. With 5 Pz V on hand, it is not ideal for training purposes, a new allocation of at least 5 Pz V is reasonable for future Platoon training. The shortage of spare parts and repairs is effecting further proposed combat training.

Signed. Oberst Streit, Kdr Rgt.Ausb.Stab

23.6.44 A collection party is sent to HZA BRESLAU and MAGDEBURG to collect new Panther


Status Report. 1.6.44, I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3.

Under the Command of Pz.Brig. 10.


Off. 36/3

NCO. 358/8

OR. 683/26.

Total. 1077/37


Off. 2

NCO and OR. 2

Convalesed. 1

Casualties, 1.5.44 to 1.6.44

6 in Hospital, 2 others sick.

Away on Courses for 12 to 18 months. 1 man.



Panther. 76/3/2

SPW. 5/-/-


Ketten. 6/-/-

B.Wg. -/1/-

Solo. 28/13/-

Field Cars.

Off Road. 54/3/-

On Road. 1/1/-


Maultiere. 7/5/1

Off Road. 104/2/1

On Road. 8/30/6

Trailers. 9/2/-

Prime Movers

1-5t. 14/-/2

8-18t. 14/-/-

RSO. -/-/-


Rifles. 516/510

Pistols. 559/575

Sub.Mg. 124/98

MG 34. 124/98

MG 42. 152/9

2cm Flak. 3/3/-

Commanders Comments.

At present the Abteilung has 5 Pz V on hand, another 5 Pz V that has been allocated has not yet arrived. The stock of wheeled vehicles on strength is still unchanged. From the last status report, about 50% of the vehicle stock is still in the HKP and need transporting.

Due to transport problems the maintenance vehicles could arrive any week, as yet a new allocation has not taken place. The personnel requirements of the Abteilung and Pioneer Platoon are at full strength.

The Abteilung is still conducting Platoon training and also target practise, with MG and main gun. Due to a shortage of tanks, fuel and training ammunition, this has impaired the skill level significantly.

Signed, Meierdress.

Pz.Brig. 10 Commanders Comments.

I agree with the Abt.Kdr. The Abteilung has had to carry external security duties in the HML area of Troyes, and has caused a loss of 8 to 10 days training, therefore training has been stepped up.

Signed, Koppenburg


Status Report, 1.7.44. I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3

Under the Command of. Pz.Brig. 10


Off. 34/1

NCO. 353/-

OR. 597/-

Total. 984/1

Casualties 1.6.44 to 1.7.44. None

Replacements. None

Away for 12-18 months. 1 man


Panther. 76/6/4

BPz V. 2/2/-

SPW. 5/-/-


Ketten. 16/-/-


Solo. 5/12/2

Field Cars.

Off Road. 37/2/-

On Road. 1/-/-.


Mauliere. 8/6/-

Off Road. 96/2/1

On Road. 4/27/5

Prime Movers

1-5t. 9/-/2

8-18t. 10/-/-

RSO. -/-/-

Trailers. 8/2/-


Rifles. 420/512

Pistols. 414/574

Sub.Mg. 109/103

MG 34. 152/9

MG 42. 25/17

2cm Flak. 3/3

Commanders Comments

The Abteilung now has 10 Pz V and 2 BPz V, another allocation of 10 Pz V has not yet arrived. 50% of the Abteilungs vehicles are still in the HKP, maintenance vehicles are enroute. A new allocation of vehicles that was due to have taken place, have still yet, not arrived.

Personnel levels in the Abteilung and Pioneer Platoon are at full strength. The Abteilung is still conducting Platoon training. On the Gunnery range at least 3 KwK main guns have been used for target practise.

Again, fuel shortages for tactical training are still affecting training. With regards to the supply of ammunition, no problems or difficulties.

Signed, Meierdress.

Pz.Brig. Commanders Comments.

I agree with the Abt.Kdr, there is a slim chance of larger scale training exercises, only if more fuel is released.

Signed, Koppenburg

1.7.44 The Abteilung reports it has only 50% of its wheeled vehicles and is still waiting for a new allocation from HVP.


Officer Positions, Stand 1.7.44

Kdr. SS-Stubaf. Meierdress.

Adj. SS-Ostuf. Strobl

Ord.Off-SS-Ustuf. Stege

Stab.Kp-SS-Ostuf Nadel

1 Kp. SS-Hstuf. Riefkogel

2 Kp. SS-Hstuf. Geiling

3 Kp. SS-Hstuf. Zech

4 Kp. SS-Ostuf. Lummitsch

Versorg.Kp. SS-Ustuf. Kaden.


I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 is ordered to GRAFENWOEHR to complete equipping with Panther. The remaining vehicle allocation is to be supervised by WK XIII.
While at Grafenwohr, limited exercises are completed. 

19.7.44 Orders are issued for I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 to be transported by rail and rejoin SS-Panzer-Division Totenkopf, which is now under the command of Hgr Mitte.


The first rail transport leaves GRAFENWOEHR for Hgr Mitte, GFM Model is informed that the Abteilung is en-route with 78 Panther.


At 22.30 hrs the first transport arrives with 8 Panther in Warsaw East railway station. Unloading is carried out in total darkness due to the Russian air threat. At 01.05 am on the 25.7.44, the first 7 Panther are formed as an advance party with elements of the Motorised II./Gren.Rgt. 170, 73 Inf.Div. At 01.00 am on the 25.7.44 the advance party depart WARSAW for SIEDLCE and enters the town at 04.00 am. During the march 2 Panther are left behind in WENGROW and later rejoin the Abteilung on the 26.7.44 along with 6 other wheeled vehicles. At 23.45 hrs on the 24.7.44 the second transport arrives with 10 Panther and begins unloading. At 23.35 hrs the Ia Hgr Mitte informs the Ia A.O.K 2 that the first transport has arrived and another 70 Panther are expected.

25.7.44 By 07.30 am another 4 rail transports have arrived in Warsaw East railway station. By 09.30 am it’s reported that a total of 6 transports have arrived and unloaded. At midday some 43 Panther are assembled and ordered to proceed to SIEDLCE. During the early morning the Battle Commander for SIEDLCE reports that the first 10 Panther have been a great help. At 07.25 am only 5 Panther remain operational with another 5 Panther requiring a new allocation of fuel. At 08.25am another 5 Panther roll into SIEDLCE from WARSAW. At 08.30 am the Ia of the 73 Inf.Div. reports that 1 Panther-Kompanie and all of II./Gren.Rgt. are in place. The 5 Panther without fuel receive a new allocation of fuel between 10.30 to 10.45 am. During the afternoon at 13.27pm the last 2 rail transports arrive in WARSAW EAST railway station carrying the last battle elements. The Panther depart WARSAW at 15.30 hrs. At 19.55 hrs 20 Panther are used for an attack on MIEDZYREC, 1 Kp encounters strong Russian anti-tank gun fire from the reverse slop of a railway embankment, the attack is called off and 1 Kp returns to SIEDLCE. Later that night elements of I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 3 are used near GOLICE until the early hours of the 26.7.44




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