Nahverteidigungswaffe (close-in defense weapon)



Summary from the manual D 655/2

Panther Ausf. A, D und G
Befehls-Panther Ausf. A, D und G
Gerätebeschreibung und Bedienungsanweisung zum Turm

left side: original document; right side the duplication as accurate as possible

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Further pictures and background information from diverse publications; amongst other Waffenrevue




Firing the signal pistol through the close-in defense weapon

2,6-cm-Sprenggranatpatrone 326 LP Pz (high explosive) for signal and combat pistol


The 2,6-cm-Sprenggranatpatrone 326 LP Pz was in contrast to the 2,6-cm-Sprenggranatpatrone 326 LP not designed to be used by infantry or paratroopers, but to be fired out of armored vehicles. Whilst  the 2,6-cm-Sprenggranatpatrone LP 326 was fitted out with a time fuse, the 2,6-cm-Sprenggranatpatrone 326 LP Pz was ignited using the burning fuse of the Eihandgranate 39 (egg hand grenade) which was connected to the cartridge base with an about 300 mm long steel wire. The firings happened with the signal pistol throughout  the Nahverteidigungswaffe, but could also be made from the hatch.


Addition to Rauchsichtzeichen orange 350 (smoke signal)

Diameter: 84 mm

Height: 82mm

Weight:  300g

Ignition: cracking ignition


  • Orange paint
  • text on label: Rauchsichtzeichen orange 350






Nahverteidigungswaffe from the G at Overloon
(with kind permission from


Nahverteidigungswaffe at Munster
picture by Senfmann2
  the weapon in a Tiger
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